Stella Lee, Gut Check MemberI never liked gyms and I’m not an athlete, but knew the importance of a consistent exercise regimen for a healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully I met Brad Mallie, back in 2006, who has the right combination of inspiration, pure dedication and just enough sarcasm to keep things challenging and amusing.

The mix of workouts and variety is the reason why I’ve stayed with Brad.
One day (rain or shine) we might be outdoors pushing around a 300 lb tractor tire, the next time its cardio-galore by running up and down an 8-story parking structure via the stairs or perhaps a heart-pounding session of suicides, slams, burpees, starbursts and kettlebells – only for the warm up!

It’s never boring, the workouts are intense, but within a fun and welcoming environment – I’ve become great friends with some of his clients and we’ve often encouraged each other to sign-up for other events.

In 2012, due to Brad’s training I participated in Gut Check Fitness’ 1st LA event at Griffith Park, which involved lots of up-hill running and utilizing much of the park’s benches and lawn areas with sit-ups, push-ups, dips and any other body-twisting moves involving pain – finishing was the best feeling!

In 2013, Brad was instrumental in training me and two other girls for Gut Check Fitness’ 1st all “Ladies Suck” event – a 12-hour overnight work-out adventure. The training Brad provided gave us the physical and mental strength to endure the hours of running and strength testing. One of the toughest tasks was a 1-mile walk with buckets that each had 30 lb. sandbags inside – grueling to say the least, but with Brad’s encouragement (who was at the event for the duration) I was able to work past the pain and rise to a new level of fitness.

Bottom line, whether you’re a beginner, a weekend warrior or an athlete, Brad will listen to your needs and push you to your limits, all with a smile and a bit of wisecracking for fun and laughs.

-Stella Lee