Aaryn-Davis2Way back in once upon a time, I used to work out regularly and was on a swim team.  These were my high school days and I loved the water and dry dock workouts.  I went away to college and didn’t work out at all.  When I moved back, I decided it was time to get into shape again.  I started to make a tour of memberships at several big gyms.  I hated them!  The smell, the crowds, the noise, the distractions… it just wasn’t for me.  I used to sit in my car and talk myself into going inside.  Some days I would venture in…others, I admitted defeat and left.   It was also at one of these big gyms I had my first less than satisfactory experience with a trainer.  They were pitching “super slow” workouts at the time.  The “trainer” in order to get me to slow down, started adding his weight to the machine.  My knee gave way and next thing I know I am sitting on the machine instead of standing.  I also found out after this happened, he wasn’t a trainer, he was just in sales.  There wasn’t a trainer available at the time slot I had requested and instead of rescheduling me he took it on himself.  That was it, I limped out of the gym.  I was done with the big gym experience.

A couple of years passed and I was sick of how I looked, and especially how I felt.  I once again got bit by the workout bug, and couldn’t quite bring myself to check out the big gyms again.  I decided to go visit the boutique gym by my house.  It was small, it was more personal.  The people seemed to actually be there to workout.  I decided to give it a try.  I signed up to work out with a trainer.  I figured I would do the introductory sessions, get some ideas/direction and then go on my merry way in workout land.  However, that wasn’t to be the way it played out.  That is when I met Brad.

Aaryn-Davis1I started working out with Brad in 2006.  What an incredible difference.  He is dependable, creative, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable.  He was the complete opposite of my past trainers and gym experiences.  I was sold!  I started making progress and was loving the whole experience.  I had some major trust issues with anyone around equipment when I was working out.  He was awesome.  Brad listened to your needs, respected boundaries and helped you reach your goals!

Life happens, and once again it happened to me.  I left working out for about 3 years.  I also relocated to the Bay area for a brief time.  I went through a very rough patch and ended up moving back to the San Fernando Valley.  I didn’t have much money, I didn’t have a job and I was depressed.  So I did what any girl would do!  Exactly, time to start working out again!  I got in touch with Brad.  He was very encouraging and welcomed me back.   I started working out with him one-on-one again.  It was around this time I also hit another personal milestone… Brad finally convinced me to check out one of his boot camps.  He had me working out with other people… and outside.  I loved the outside component right away and the other people.  Though I wasn’t an overnight convert, I absolutely cherish the people I have met through Brad.  It is an awesome camaraderie that really gives an extra push through a tough workout!

As amazing as Brad is one-on-one, he is exceptional in a group setting.  He excels at treating people as individuals and differentiating group workouts/boot camps to each person’s needs.  Brad pushes you beyond what you perceive your limit to be in a safe supportive way and keeps you coming back for more!  He rocks at adapting workouts to compensate for any injury to still keep you moving and progressing!   I have on more than one occasion come to work out with my foot in a boot and left blown away at the workout I was still able to accomplish.

Aaryn-Davis3Through these workout experiences my confidence has skyrocketed!  I became really into mud/obstacle courses.  I also started listening more closely when he was telling other people in the groups about these Gut Check Fitness and Suck events.  Our boot camp joined in on one of the Gut Check workouts when they came up to LA.  I was out of town for it however, and was disappointed but slightly relieved!  Then came that faithful day.  One of the gals in the morning boot camp mentioned a Suck Ladies Night.  She said she would do it if I would.  I said yes, which I think shocked us all!  We dragged in another gal from our group and Brad started kicking our butts in preparation of one crazy, intense and special night.

The Suck Ladies Night will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am still in awe that I was able to finish.  From the very beginning, I was doubting that I would make it through the night let alone the preliminaries in the park!  Quitting was never an option.  I was slow, but I never gave up and finished the night and following boot camp.  Crawling up and down steep hills, swimming in algae ponds, burpees, sit ups, push-ups, sand bag presses, beating tires with sledgehammers (still my favorite)… who knew that this could be the recipe for a purely magical night!  Nicole, Joe and the whole support team was amazing and I was incredibly grateful that Brad was also there encouraging the group!

I am super excited that Brad has officially become part of the Gut Chuck Family leading the Los Angeles Chapter!  You leave all of these workouts with a sense of accomplishment and amazed at what you just finished. I love that we leave buildings behind and embrace our workouts in nature.  You never know where you might end up or what you might be doing but you know it will be good.  Bring it on!